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Click on the link and follow the instructions for use. A new browser window should open so that you can still hear the shoutcast stream runnin. See Ya There!

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    Exciting News MPIR now has three servers for our listeners listed below:

    Server One: 

    Server Two: 

    Server Three:


    MPIR Comedy OTR:

    MPIR History Capsule:


    Have a web site? Here's a >>java script flash player<< for MPIR, click save as to download.

    Download a pre-made listening page and place on your desktop. Use your browser and click on the page anytime you want MPIR Old Time Radio >>Listening Page<<


    Thank you for visiting our web site. All of your old time radio listening pleasure starts here! Scroll down and mouse click on the various listening options. Mystery Play Internet Radio is available EVERYWHERE you want to be. Listen from your desktop or laptop computer, or your mobile phone, mobile mp3 player, and the various television set top boxes. Continue scrolling down for more info.

    Visit our new main web site for more OTR listening resources, and classic movies.



    Follow me on Twitter @mysteryplay  for playlists updates and schedules.

    Again thank you so much for visiting Mystery Play Internet Radio and please consider visiting our sponsors.

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