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    Server Issues

    The service provider of one of our servers is making some changes this week. We might have some interruptions in the streaming. The server in question, is

    The server is up now, but may drop out again. Our apologies for any listening interruptions.


    Clyde J. Kell, MPIR


    Halloween Bash

    Now playing some scary, spooky old time radio for your Halloween celebration! I had planned a LIVE broadcast, however computer/software problems could not be resolved before broadcast time.

    So, I've recorded some of my favorite OTR together and a replay of some of last years Halloween 24 hour program. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


    Clyde J. Kell, Mystery Play Internet Radio


    Radio Detectives

    All week long listen to some of the best radio detective shows on the net. Your's Truly Johnny Dollar serial episodes all five spread out six hours within the current playlists. And Phillip Marlowe, Richard Diamond, Sam Spade.... all for your gumshoe listening pleasure.


    My Apologies

    I wish to apologise for the last month of not updating the stream and podcasts. On about April 27th, while walking to check my mail. I was attacked, beaten at gun point and robbed! I have recovered from this traumatic act. So, I'm trying to get back into the swing and get my life back to normal. With-in the next couple of months I'll be moving to another residence. So please pardon any stream interruptions.

    Since my personal income is very limited, please support Mystery Play Internet Radio with your donations. Any amount will be helpful, and most of all please keep my in your prayers while I recover.

    Warm OTR Regards,

    Clyde J. Kell

    Mystery Play Internet Radio


    Thriller Theatre Episode 80

    With this episode of Thriller Theatre, listen to Suspense "Till The Day I Die," Sep 19, 1946. Please consider a paypal donation to the show.  Thank you for listening.

    Thriller Theatre Episode 80

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