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Click on the link and follow the instructions for use. A new browser window should open so that you can still hear the shoutcast stream runnin. See Ya There!

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    Tesing Blubrry Feed

    Just changed the feed direction on Blubrry. Lets see if it works.

    Thriller Theatre Episode 64

    Featuring The Shadow "The Firebug," Apr 10, 1938.



    Thriller Theatre Episode 64


    Testing Posting

    Testing the blog for posting media, image and audio podcasts. Lets see how this works with downloading through the RSS feed for future subscribers.

    Thriller Theater Episode 67

    Featuring The CBS Radio Workshop "Jacobs hand," Apr 13, 1956.

    Thriller Theatre Episode 67


    Welcome to OTR

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Old Time Radio (OTR). I'm still getting use to this new web site at A handful of excellent features, and activities. The last time I had a blog posting system on an MPIR web site it was hacked.

    I plan to issue a blog posting at least weekly. This social media thingy is still new to me.

    For now enjoy the enclosed old time radio show. Regards,

    Clyde J. Kell, Mystery Play Internet Radio

    Scary OTR Episode 94

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